Easy Audio ยป Monkey's Audio

To read and decode Monkey's Audio you need to follow these steps (these steps are roughly the same as in the section dedicated to flac):

  1. Open an .ape file with element type (unsigned-byte 8).
  2. Pass the stream to ape:open-ape function which will create and return bitreader:reader object.
  3. Read metadata blocks, passing the object from previous step to ape:read-metadata.
  4. Read frames with ape:read-frame. This method accept the number of frame you wish to be read as the third argument. Total number of frames in the file can be accessed through metadata-total-frames function.
  5. Decode the frame with ape:decode-frame and repeat the previous step until all data is read and decoded.


No node with name ape-error.
Metadata structure.
No node with name metadata.
Reading and decoding.
No node with name open-ape.
No node with name read-metadata.
No node with name read-frame.
No node with name decode-frame.
No node with name with-open-ape.
No node with name seconds=>frame-number.